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Saw Shield Table Saw

Saw Shield is a revolution in table saw safety.  Saw Shield prevents table saw accidents by stopping your saw blade if your skin gets too close.  Saw Shield works by sensing your skin's proximity to the blade.  If your skin gets too close, a brake cartridge is fired, stopping your saw blade in just milliseconds.  Best of all, when triggered, Saw Shield doesn't damage your nice saw blade.  Saw Shield can typically be installed on most newer saws in 1-2 hours.

Saw Shield is currently in beta testing.  Join our email list and be the first to get notified when Saw Shield launches!

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Prevent a Life-Changing Accident

More than 100,000 Americans are hospitalized every year in a table saw or band saw related accident.  Protect yourself with Saw Shield.

Why Choose Saw Shield?

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Prevent Injuries

Saw Shield uses a contact-free sensor to detect your skin's proximity to the blade.  If your skin gets too close, Saw Shield stops your blade in milliseconds.

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Use Your Saw

Saw Shield can be installed on nearly any table saw or band saw.  So you can get protected, keep your saw, and save thousands of dollars!

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Save Your Blade

When triggered, Saw Shield doesn't destroy your saw blade.  This means you stay protected without sacrificing your expensive blades.  

Easy Installation

For most saws, installation takes about 1-2 hours, and just requires bolting a few components to your saw and connecting a few wires.

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Save Money

Saw Shield saves you thousands when compared to purchasing a new saw, or the pain, medical bills, and loss of income that can result from a workshop accident.

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Saw Shield detects your skin before it touches the saw blade.  This means your blade stops before your skin contacts the blade, preventing injury.

Installing Saw Shield

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Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

All Saw Shield products are designed in America.  Plus, we're gearing up to go into production right here in the U.S.A.

Saw Shield Table Saw Accessories


Dado Blade Attachment  

The Dado Attachment allows you to use your Saw Shield with any 8" dado blade up to 13/16" wide.

Table Saw Brake Cartridge

Triggering a Saw Shield unit destroys the brake cartridge.  Stay up and running with a replacement brake cartridge.

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Stay In the Know

Saw Shield is currently in beta testing.  Stay safe and be the first to find out when Saw Shield launches by joining our email list.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to replace the brake cartridge if Saw Shield is triggered?

Yes. When Saw Shield detects skin, it deploys a sacrificial brake cartridge. Although it brings your saw blade to a stop in just milliseconds, the brake cartridge is destroyed in the process. You can order additional table saw brake cartridges here, and band saw brake cartridges here.

Will Saw Shield destroy my saw blade if triggered?

No. We've done significant testing using the same table saw and band saw blades throughout the process. Despite being subjected to numerous activations, the saw blades were not destroyed and were ready to use.

How does Saw Shield work?

Saw Shield works by detecting your skin's proximity to the blade. If your skin gets to close to the blade, Saw Shield triggers a brake cartridge that brings your saw blade to a stop in just milliseconds, preventing debilitating and life-altering accidents. Saw Shield does not require you to contact the blade to be activated. Saw Shield is typically triggered when you get within approximately 3/8" to 3/4" of the blade. However, this distance can calibrated during the initial installation.

With which blades is Saw Shield compatible?

Saw Shield Table Saw is compatible with 10" thin kerf and regular kerf table saw blades. With the optional Dado Blade Attachment, you can also use Saw Shield with any 8" dado blade up to 13/16" wide. Saw Shield Band Saw is compatible with any blade down to 1/8" wide.

How do I install the dado cartridge?

The dado cartridge simply snaps into place, and can be easily installed in under a minute while changing blades.

Is Saw Shield compatible with my table saw?

Saw Shield is compatible with most 10" table saws that run on 120 volt or 220 volt power. To watch a video showing how Saw Shield is generally installed on a table saw, click here. After ordering, you will receive an email asking you the make and model of your saw. We will use this information to provide you with an installation bracket designed to fit your saw. We have saw specific brackets already designed for many table saws. However, if we don't have a bracket designed for your table saw, we will work with you to make one.

Can I be injured while using a Saw Shield equipped saw?

Yes. Although Saw Shield is extremely effective, no technology is 100% effective. Saw Shield should be used only as a last resort, to prevent injuries that would occur from contacting your saw blade. Saw Shield is not a substitute for proper technique, safety measures, and tool maintenance.

Can I use my table saw cartridge on my band saw?  Or vice versa?

No. The table saw and band saw cartridges are not cross-compatible. You can order replacement table saw brake cartridges here, and replacement band saw brake cartridges here.

How can I contact Saw Shield?

You can contact Saw Shield here, or by sending us an email at

How close does my finger need to be to the blade for Saw Shield to activate?

Saw Shield's contact-free proximity sensor can detect skin from as far away as 3/4". However, this can be adjusted by the user during the installation. We recommend a setting of at least 1/4".

Does Saw Shield come with a brake cartridge?

Yes, both our band saw and table saw models come with a brake cartridge. If your Saw Shield is triggered, you will need to replace the brake cartridge. Replacement brake cartridges for Saw Shield Table Saw can be purchased here. Replacement brake cartridges for Saw Shield Band Saw can be purchased here.

Can I see a detailed picture or rendering of the Saw Shield technology?

Due to intellectual property concerns, we are unable to provide details of our device at this time. We are pursuing both U.S. and international patents to protect our intellectual property. Until we have made greater progress in obtaining domestic and international patents, we cannot release detailed pictures or designs. If you have questions about how Saw Shield works, or if Saw Shield is right for you, please feel free to contact us or send us an email.